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We are special. We are almost indispensable in our profession in Hungary. We use technology, often developed in-house, to carry out tasks entrusted to us that are not taught in the classroom. We preserve the invaluable knowledge we inherited from our predecessors and add to it every day. We value our equipment; we know that without it we could not be who we are. In its current form, the company has been working on the water for more than thirty years, but our history goes back more than seventy years. We are also building for the next century and we believe that we will always be able to renew ourselves.

Since 1991, we have been involved in hundreds of projects. We build bridges, transport huge steel elements, dive deep with our industrial divers and bring what we find to the surface. We proudly drive over bridges in Budapest, cycle across Lake Tisza or walk around downtown Szeged. Wherever we go in the country, we always stumble upon a structure or an object that we have something to do with. It’s equally nice to see one of our floating devices anchored on the Danube, or to know where are boats are sailing. At the same time, we keep up with the constantly evolving world: we add ultra-modern equipment and participate in research and development projects.

How do we work?

In a team

With a shared vision of
life and coordinated work.


With careful planning, precise execution, on time.


Effectively adapting to unexpected circumstances.

30 years with passion

We are boat people, a special category of humanity. We live in cohesion with water, we know the source of every ripple and wave. We know exactly when a job should be started and when it must be stopped. We live with nature, our every move and decision is determined by the water level, the wind, the current, the temperature and the rainfall. We know that our work is nothing without the passion with which we do it. We combine this with years of experience and a never-ending thirst for knowledge. That’s how we can create professionalism on the biggest bridge projects, as well as on the smaller jobs, under and over the water. Maybe that’s what makes us really special.

HSP headquarters

Our colleagues

Zoltán Kállai

Executive director

Andrea Kun

Director of Finance

András Topscháll

Technical director

Tamás Földes

Project manager

Dezső Kovács

Shipping operations manager

Krisztián Kirchner

Mechanical manager

László Giczi

Construction manager

Zoltán Várnagy

Construction manager

Sándor Barabás


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