Our dredging is carried out using hydro-mechanisation technology and a hydraulic dredger installed on a floating machine. The purpose of dredging may be to prepare a construction site or to clear the riverbed of vegetation. Sometimes, we have to do it in preparation for the safe floating of our equipment during a job. Dredging work is usually preceded by a survey of the riverbed to find out about the characteristics of the area and the quality and quantity of material in the deep.

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Source: A-híd.hu - 2023.03.03.

The missing monument elements of the Chain Bridge are being lifted into place from a barge

Illustrated report on the restoration work carried out at Lánchíd.

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Source: Magyar Építők.hu - 2022.12.28. 14:49

The giant floating crane plays a key role in the new milestone of the Paks Danube Bridge – video

The work process of raising the formwork trolley was captured on video at the Danube Bridge in Paks.

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Source: Növekedés.hu - 2022. 03. 16.

What kind of monster anchors on the Danube at the Rákóczi bridge? We watched it!

Interview with our managing director, Zoltán Kállai.

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