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3D Water Bottom Survey

Today, it is inconceivable that a bridge construction, river regulation work or any water construction task is not preceded by a thorough riverbed survey and a comprehensive examination of the entire work area. To produce a model that closely approximates reality, you need the right quantity and quality of data, which we can provide at a highly professional level with our 3D multibeam sonar and integrated laser scanner.

The system can be used to measure the bed conditions of harbours, rivers, lakes and seas, showing all known and unknown objects. On the one hand, it is always interesting to see what we will find, and we usually look forward to processing the data. On the other hand – and this is much more important for our work – it helps us to optimise and estimate the cost of the works and the time to be spent. It also helps our industrial divers to get a perfect picture of the state of the water bottom even in turbid waters and to determine the current conditions. This gives our underwater colleagues a greater sense of security.

The survey is based on the sound wave bouncing off the bottom and objects on the bottom. It can record 512 signals per second, which are collected and processed by the system, and then processed by software to produce a photo-like image of the underwater world, giving an indication of the size, shape and distance of objects to an accuracy of up to cm.

Before the renovation of the Chain Bridge, we carried out a riverbed survey at the site of the works. Our most spectacular discovery was the more than one hundred year old traces of the accident that had occurred when the bridge was being renovated in 1914. A boathouse that had got loose collided with a scaffolding bridge on the Buda side of the Chain Bridge. There were plates of chains being stored on the scaffolding bridge waiting to be used. A total of 74 steel elements fell into the water, of which only 15 could be salvaged at the time. The remaining 59 chain elements have been waiting to be found for more than 100 years.

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