Playing with Centimetres – an Exceptional Manoeuvre with 200 Tonnes of Steel

We waited for months for the water level of the Danube in Budapest to be right for the installation of the pylon of the pedestrian bridge next to the National Athletics Stadium. When the river level reached 200 cm, the Adam Clark crane vessel could finally float into the operation site, the Csepel Island Peak. The entire manoeuvre was planned to take two days, but on the 7th of January 2022 within a few hours, the Robinson Bridge pylon was in place.

The Clark showed what it was capable of: we had to use the full lifting capacity of the crane to install the 70-metre-long steel element weighing almost 200 tonnes. But that is not the only reason why we will remember this operation, which often seemed impossible. The cross-section and weight distribution of the pylon was not even, so we needed special lifting aids. From the crane, the lifted pylon was placed on a rotating stand and rotated to its final position using steel auxiliary devices. The success really depended on centimetres, and there were no shortfalls in the end. The manoeuvre was completed in a fraction of the planned time and without any errors, thus making our mark on the construction of a bridge structure that is unique on an international scale.

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