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Modular Floating Platform System with Composite Concrete Deck (R&D&I)

In recent years, in view of the great interest and the large-scale waterfront development concept plans, development projects have been launched in Hungary, too, which aimed at creating innovative floating structures with different technical solutions for different utilisation conditions and purposes (e.g. small floating structures primarily for residential use; large-scale river floating structures). In the framework of a research and development project, together with our consortium partner, we have developed a floating system with innovative content, unique structural design and technical solutions, which is unique both in the domestic and international market.

The biggest advantage of the innovation is that the float can be easily disassembled, reassembled or expanded thanks to its modular design. This is very useful because it is not necessary to lift out the whole installation for maintenance and inspections required by the authorities. It is enough to put only one module on land for inspections. Meanwhile, the structure installed on the pontoon can be operated continuously over a long period of time without endangering the stability of the floating installation.

The float system has a very shallow draught (up to 1 m) and can therefore be used in shallow water areas. The steel elements in contact with water have undergone a special corrosion protection treatment that allows them to operate maintenance-free for up to 50 years. The composite concrete deck is designed to be easily replaceable and variable.
As part of the project, two prototypes were built and used for all-round nautical trials.

The float system is highly versatile, capable of accommodating commercial, residential or even community functions, prepared for the installation of single or multi-storey lightweight superstructure systems. The useful floor area of the floating structure, in horizontal terms, can range from 280 to 300 square metres, taking into account the shoreline and riverbed conditions and flow conditions.

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