Complex Lake Tisza project

During the first forty years of its existence, the water management system of Lake Tisza was extremely deteriorated and the reservoir silted up, causing water quantity and water quality problems. To address this, the Complex Lake Tisza project was launched, in which we participated in several phases between 2013 and 2015. The aim was to improve water supply and water balance in the Great Plain and to restore the ecological balance.

In sub-project I of the project, we were responsible for several sub-tasks: we carried out the reconstruction of the regulating structures VI, IX and X, as well as the construction of the spillway structure at the Kisköre floodplain. These installations are essential: they are responsible for supplying water to the irrigation systems, which had to be made operational again, particularly in view of the increasingly noticeable climate change.

Within the framework of the Complex Lake Tisza Project, we were also involved in the design and construction of Europe’s largest fish ladder. The Kisköre Fish Ladder is an ecological corridor that provides a passage for aquatic life between Lake Tisza and the lower Tisza River. During the hot summer months, the difference in water levels between the lake and the river is significant, up to 10 metres, and the fish ladder is used to bridge this gap when the sluices are closed. This 1,371-metre-long facility, scattered with tiny waterfalls, is like a small stream. With a total of 27 steps, the structure receives between 60 and 600 m3 of water per minute, allowing aquatic life (mainly fish) to move freely in all directions. This is indeed what they do. We can very well observe the movement of the animals through a peep window, especially during the spawning season, when many fish pass through.

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