Anna Tug (400 HP) 

The Agile Old Lady

It is a 400 hp tug, mainly used for boxing, capable of moving one barge of type TS with a length of 80 m and with a total load of 500 tonnes.


Our tugboat Anna was built in 1958 at the Balatonfüred Shipyard, and left the yard as FK 308. From contemporary photos, we know that she served on Lake Balaton and the River Tisza. In the 1960s she sailed with gravel barges between Lupasziget and Vámmentes, but she also took part in the 1970s Szeged flood protection. According to a 1973 Newsreel, it was even used for ice-breaking. Our company bought her in the late 1990s, in very poor condition, and after a complete renovation she was put into service as a tugboat.

Technical data:

The vessel has an overall length of 23.90 m, a maximum beam of 5.28 m, an overall draught of 1.20 m and a displacement of 54.00 m3. It is a 400 hp tugboat powered by 2 RÁBAMan 2156 MT 6 engines of 147 kW power and has its own lifeboat.

Downloadable technical data sheet (pdf) →

Total length: 23,90 m
Waterline length: 22,10 m
Total width: 5,28 m
Central side height: 2,30 m
Total draught: 1,20 m
Fixed point height: 5,20 m
Displacement: 54,00 m3
Engine: RÁBAMan 2156 MT 6
Engine power: 2*147=294 kW (2*196=392 LE)
Auxiliary engine power: 36 kVA
Steering gear: REINTJES BGA 120


Crew requirements

The crew required to operate the vessel consists of three persons: skipper, operator-sailor and a sailor. They are on duty on board 24 hours a day.

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