Assault Boats

Our Water Cruisers

They are the smallest of our vehicles on the construction sites, but the ones that move the most. They provide all-day passenger transport between the shores and the various facilities on the water. They also perform safety tasks, even rescuing people who have fallen into the water. The assault boat is the water taxi of bridge building.

There are many of these assault boats in our fleet, some of our vessels and of course the Adam Clark floating crane have their own. They vary in age and history, but all have been painted blue and all have been given proper names. So Irma, Tamara, Ferkó, Marika and Éva are part of the team.


The assault boat is originally a military boat. It is a lightweight, open, freshwater boat that can be transported on land, even by hand power.
Its compartmentalised aluminium body is almost unsinkable, yet extremely durable, so its usefulness in bridge building and other waterborne work was quickly recognised.

Technical data

Length: 5,90 m
Width: 1,74 m
Side height: 0,66 m
Water surface height: 0,38 m
Frame spacing: 0,50 m
Weight: 260 kN

It is an outboard motor boat for up to six people with air tanks and a position light.

Downloadable technical data sheet (pdf) →

Crew requirement:

One small-boat skipper.

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