Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

we dig to the bottom of everything

It is vital for us to know what lies below the waterline. In addition to our industrial divers and our bottom survey system, we also have a crawler excavator to help us explore it. The job of this multifunctional machine is to excavate material (armourstone, gravel, silt, sandy gravel, occasionally debris) from the water bottom. It is not only capable of dredging, but also of moving and loading materials. It is used in the construction of harbours, for cleaning up silted-up beds, for stone spreading. It also helps when the bed conditions are not suitable for some of our floating structures and plays an important role during industrial diving works.

When in operation, we use a shore crane to install it on one of our floating structures, typically a SOIL MEC pontoon or one of our barges. It is transported to the site by road on a trailer. Interestingly, the floating structure and the excavator together become a „floating work machine” after an official authorisation. The SOIL MEC pontoon is not only held in position by anchors while working, but two hydraulically operated steel piles can be pressed into the bottom of the bed to hold the unit in place through the pontoon.

The daily capacity of the machine can be between 600 and 1000 tonnes, depending on the quality of the material.
The excavator’s boom can be equipped with three different types of working attachments, depending on the material being worked with.

Work attachments:

One five-finger, 92EV800 type orange peel grapple with rotator and with quick coupling attachment (capacity 800 l, grapple weight: 1930 kg)
One 91EZ74 type clamshell bucket with rotator and with quick coupling attachment (capacity 1150 l, bucket weight: 1740 kg)
One 1,1 m3 deep-digging steel grapple bucket.

Downloadable technical data sheet (pdf) →

Crew of the floating equipment:

The floating equipment is manned by one floating work machine operator, one heavy duty machine operator and as required by the authorities, one to two sailors.

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