SOIL MEC Heavy-duty Modular Pontoon System

Work Platform on the Water

A heavy-duty modular pontoon system used mainly in our bridge construction projects when we apply the drilled piling technique. Modules of different sizes and functions are assembled in any shape and size on site, according to the requirements of the job.

The pontoon system can be transported by road and consists of 3 metre wide units. Our company bought the first set in the late 90s and has continuously developed it, so that we now have 7 bow modules and several 6, 9 and 12 metre long elements. The system also includes two units with hydraulically movable piles that hold the pontoon in position along with the anchors. The piles can be pressed into the bottom through the pontoon body to hold the unit in place.

In addition to piling, we also use it for crane and dredging work, as well as for riprapping. It has already worked on the construction of a harbour on Lake Balaton, but also in Vásárosnamény, Komárom and the Complex Lake Tisza project. It was also involved in the construction of the Megyeri Bridge and the Robinson Bridge, which was built as part of the National Athletics Stadium.

By assembling all the modules together, we can create more than 500 square metres of workspace on the water, with a total load capacity of approx. 450 tonnes.

Technical data

Total constructed area: 21*28,65 m
Total carrying capacity (1.2 m draught): approx. 450 tonnes
Hydraulic winches: 3 db KMB-5H-TK
Hidraulikus csörlő: 4,5 tonnes
Rope pull: 10 m/min
Rope diameter: 20 mm
Operating pressure: 200 bar
Motor power: 30,9 kW
Load capacity of pontoon: 1,5 tonnes/m2
Deck load capacity (strength): 6 tonnes/m2


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