Baja-Bátaszék Railway Bridge pier reinforcement 2014

The Türr István Bridge in Baja is the southernmost road and railway bridge over the Danube in Hungary. Its pier was reinforced with large-panel steel formwork. Due to the strong current, the site was particularly dangerous for our industrial divers. The underwater cutting, reinforced concrete installation, formwork and concreting were carried out in high currents, and there were times when it was impossible to dive. Our client had almost given up on the project being completed and although we had to wait for the flood waters to recede on the Danube, all the piers of the bridge were finally given a new concrete coating. Our diving vessel Poseidon and our towboat Zsombor, as well as a TS 40 barge equipped with a crane and a mooring barge, were also involved in the work.


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