Chain Bridge, Budapest

As part of the renovation project of the Chain Bridge, which started in 2021, we removed debris from the Danube riverbed. Prior to the works, we used our 3D multibeam laser scanner to carry out a riverbed survey in the vicinity of the bridge over a 500-metre stretch of the river to make the riverbed cleaning works more predictable and safer. During the survey, we found wreckage of the old bridge, sunken buoys and mapped the washout near the Buda side piers. Our most spectacular discovery, however, was the more than 100-year-old remains of an accident that occurred when the bridge was renovated in 1914. A total of 74 steel chain plates fell into the water, of which only 15 could be salvaged. The remaining 59 chain links had been waiting for us to find them for more than 100 years.

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