Margaret Bridge, debris clearance, munitions clearance 2009

During the reconstruction of the Margaret Bridge, which started in 2009, our main task was to retrieve the pieces of the bridge destroyed during World War II and the transport barges that had sunk there. More than 600 tonnes of wreckage were brought to the surface, a quantity no one had expected. Our industrial divers played a prominent role in the project, cutting up and hooking up the wreckage. Every dive was unpredictable and dangerous, as the war left behind not only wreckage but also ammunition and shells, in the excavation and retrieval of which they also played a strategic role, coping with the not always optimal water levels.

The equipment we used were the BU8 and Poseidon diving vessels, the TS barges, the Adam Clark floating crane and our mooring barges, which were used to bring the wreckage to the surface.

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