Salvage of the Sunken Mazut Transport Barge Sailor Vakulenchuk, 1998

The construction of the Rákóczi Bridge (formerly the Lágymányosi Bridge) made it necessary to salvage the sunken Ukrainian paddle-wheel steamer in Újpest Bay. The ship was once carrying mazut, which was slowly leaking from the corroding hull under water, making it necessary to remove the wreck as soon as possible. The industrial divers carried out an underwater survey of the vessel and, after establishing that the craft could be lifted in one piece, the leaks were sealed and the interior dewatered. The vessel, named Sailor Vakulenchuk, was originally designed as a passenger vessel and was successfully brought to the surface and made buoyant by the Clark, and then, freed from its mazut load, towed to the ship breaking yard in Csepel, where it was subsequently dismantled.

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