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Working with water is a special way of life that requires methods unique to this environment, engineering precision, great routine and a deep respect for nature. We have been successfully using our experience for decades, because we are at home in this world. Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality service for specialised water and bridge construction work.

How do we work?

In a team

With a shared vision of
life and coordinated work.


With careful planning, precise execution, on time.


Effectively adapting to unexpected circumstances.

Our Areas of Expertise

Shipping Business

Shipping Business

We provide the floating units needed for bridge construction and renovation, and perform all the water and underwater works. We have a unique fleet of floating equipment in the country - no river bridge is built in this country without us.

Construction Business

Construction Business

We have extensive experience in flood protection and river regulation. We also carry out other water construction tasks, from dredging, utility and harbour construction to the construction and renovation of new structures.

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