Complex Lake Tisza project part II

The water management system of Lake Tisza was extremely deteriorated in the first 40 years of the lake’s existence, and the reservoir became silted up, causing water quantity and water quality problems. To address this, the Complex Lake Tisza project was launched, in which we participated in several phases between 2013 and 2015. The aim was to improve water supply and water balance in the Great Plain and to restore the ecological balance. Anyone who has been to the lake will have encountered a sometimes annoying, prickly water plant with an unmistakable black fruit with four barbed spines. Water caltrop is extremely rare in Europe, but it is abundant in Lake Tisza. Its abundance had to be controlled because the outdated water management system created insufficient flow conditions, resulting in an undesirable spread of this vegetation, especially in shallow areas. In the framework of the project, we carried out root zone dredging on 108 hectares, ensuring the long-term maintenance of the ecological balance and reducing the number of unpleasant swimmings.

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