Extension of a pressure pipe on the Danube

Érd and its surroundings

Érd, Tárnok and Diósd were almost completely sewered in the development project in which we participated in 2014. In the framework of the programme „Reconstruction and extension of the wastewater treatment plant and improvement of the wastewater drainage system in Érd and its region”, we carried out the construction works of the Danube extension of the treated water pressure pipe of the wastewater treatment plant. The pressure pipe was constructed in a 1330 m shielded trench over a length of 80 m using the uncovered method. In the section below the Danube bed we applied directed drilling technology and we complemented it with diving works. We connected the new pressure pipe to the existing one at the 1627+420 river kilometre section of the Danube. The quality of the treated wastewater discharged into the Danube by the new automated system, which operates at almost double capacity, has improved significantly.

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