Improving the flood safety of the Marcal right bank flood protection sub-basin

The Marcal is not one of our major rivers, but as a tributary of the Rába it can flood a significant area by collecting watercourses from the Bakony Mountains. The construction of almost 13 kilometres of protection line was completed in 2014, and the project included the construction of an 8 km long dike on the right bank of the river. The estuary in the inner part of the municipality of Koroncó, where the river meets the Bornát stream, is also a vulnerable area. We upgraded a 2 km long section of the embankment on the right bank and a 3 km long section on the left bank of the river. This way, we made this stretch of the Holt-Marcal flood-proof and we also upgraded the existing structures. Thanks to the project, the protection line is now accessible and the embankment is now suitable for traffic, allowing safe and modern flood protection in case of emergency.

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