Modernisation of the emergency flood reservoir in Kisdelta

Between 2013 and 2015, we participated in the project, which involved 29 settlements in Békés County and improved the safety of around 170,000 people living in the Gyula region. Our task was to modernise the Kisdelta emergency flood reservoir on the right bank of the Fehér-Körös river, to build a spillway structure and to construct a solid road pavement to facilitate access to the facility. The old flood protection system was insecure and could be opened by blasting in case of flooding. This solution is now outdated, so a controllable water inlet structure and a spillway structure were built to speed up the process of releasing the water after the flood has subsided. Experience has shown that year after year we are measuring higher and higher water levels during floods, so the dikes alone provide insufficient protection during floods.

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