Our Floating Home

For our larger, long-term projects, our staff spend every day on the site, many visiting their families at weekends or only every two weeks. We have a set working schedule that requires someone to be on our facilities 24 hours a day.

The crew on each vessel and on the Clark have their own living space on their own floating equipment, but we also had to find a solution for the other colleagues. Hídvár, a floating unit with living space and ten 1-person cabins, became their workplace home. It has a kitchen, lounge, bathroom and a toilet and is suitable for year-round living. In addition to the residential function, it also provides us with storage space in the work areas. Hídvár was built in 1960 in Balatonfüred. We renovated it in 2008 and made it habitable. It is not able to change its position on its own.

Technical data:

Maximum length: 35,87 m
Maximum width: 6.13 m
Fixed point height: 4,65 m
Maximum draught: 0,46 m
Water displacement: 91,4 tonnes
Authorised free side: 0,54 m
Authorised capacity: 15 people


Downloadable technical data sheet (pdf) →

Crew: minimum 1 engine operator crew member.

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