Modular Floating Structure with Composite Concrete Deck


A custom-built float system, developed and manufactured in-house, with a modular design that allows it to disassemble without the need to take out the entire platform for required maintenance and inspections. The superstructure installed on the float can then be kept in continuous operation.

The developed floating system consists of extremely small floating modules with a draught of less than 1 m, a lattice structure holding them together and a composite concrete deck. Thanks to steel elements with special corrosion protection and a composite concrete deck developed using high-strength, corrosion-resistant material technology, the float can be maintenance-free for up to 50 years. The steel boxes can be slid out from under the deck in stages, piece by piece, and can thus be removed and inspected without dismantling the deck and restricting its operation. The technology is intended to be used primarily in a lakeside environment, even in shallow water. The shallow draught of the system makes this possible.


In the framework of a research and development project, we participated as consortium leader in the development and production of the platform. Work between 2018 and 2021 resulted in the construction of two different prototypes (one floatable on its own, the other only with the lattice we developed). These were tested in a nautical experiment and have since been used in our projects, and we are ready to manufacture and sell additional modules.

The system has been prepared to accommodate commercial, residential or even community functions, taking into account the needs of the user, in the spirit of versatility, and can be prepared to receive single or multi-storey lightweight superstructure systems. The floating units can be connected to each other, so that the useful floor area can range from 280 to 300 square metres, taking into account the shoreline and water bottom conditions, as well as the flow conditions. We have sized the platform so that it can be transported by road, mounted on the shore, moved by car crane and placed on the water.

Technical data

Both the floats and the lattice follow a 6 x 1.2 m grid.

Main features of the single unit float:
Total length: 12 m
Total width: 6 m
Number of modules: 10 db
Side height: 1,85 m
Weight of float: 39280 kg
Load capacity: 15 t


A maximum of 4 units can be attached to each other, creating a site of almost 300 square metres on the water.

The data sheet regarding the connecting structure of the floating platform can be downloaded here →


Crew requirements

The float does not require a permanent crew, but we provide continuous monitoring and maintenance.


Visual designs

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