Mooring barge

A Stable Point in the Drift

Our mooring barges, known in boat jargon as “muci”or “dumpster”, are involved in all our projects. These floating structures are equipped with reels to help moor our boats and they are also used for storing the anchors. We have four available: MUCI I, MUCI II, MUCI III and MUCI IV.

The MUCIs are unmanned, open, heavy-duty, wide, flat-bottomed, low-built crafts and are tapered at both ends. Their anchors, weighing one tonne, provide adequate support for the vessels being serviced in drifting conditions during the time they are moored. They are easily manoeuvrable, so that the boat, barge or floating crane can be easily adjusted to the correct position.


Their name comes from the old sailor’s language, in which we call everything by something other than what it looks like. Because of the increasing familiarity with the English language, they are often nicknamed Muki by those less familiar with the language.

Technical data

Length: floating hull: L= 15,6 m
total: L = 16,7 m
Width: floating hull: B = 5,20 m
total: B = 5,42 m
Side height: H = 1,25 m
Water displacement unladen: V = 17,5 m3
Draught empty, equipped: Tü = 0,28 m
Maximum draught: T = 0,40 m
Load capacity: 8 t
Reel type: KAB2
manufacturer: Kraaijeveld
maximum rope strengths: 3,0 t
rope speed: 0-10 m/min
rope diameter: 20 mm
rope length: max 150 m
dump drum diameter: 300 mm
Diesel engine for hydraulic power pack
Type: HATZ 2M31H
Powere: 13,4 kW/2000’/min
Weight of liftable anchor: max. 1500 kg


Downloadable technical data sheet (pdf) →


Unmanned floating equipment.

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