POSEIDON Diving Vessel

Diving Base with Extras

A specialised, self-propelled float for diving work, with all the equipment of an industrial diving base. The diving vessel is capable of performing all specialised industrial diving work with its on-board electrically powered manoeuvring winches and its Ferrari type loading crane with a lifting capacity of 450 kg at 8 m.

It is mainly used for bridge construction and reconstruction, maintenance of water works, construction and maintenance of drift line inlets, as well as for the construction and maintenance of river regulation structures and harbours.
It has also been used in preliminary searches for ammunition and explosives on construction sites. It plays an important role in disaster management – it has proven its skills in wreck removals and ship salvage.


Our company had it built in 2007, based on our own design, in the assembly hall of MSK Steel Ltd. in Nyergesújfalu, specifically to serve diving work. After its first launching it has been involved in almost all our bridge reconstruction works. During the renovation works of the Margaret Bridge in 2011, it played an important role in the excavation and removal of World War II wreckage. In 2020, our diving base participated in the underwater cutting of the Larsen plates of the Monostori Bridge in Komárom, and in 2021, it assisted industrial divers during the construction of the riverbed piles of the Kalocsa – Paks Danube Bridge.

Technical data

Poseidon is a two 172 kW (468 hp) Mercury-powered self-propelled floating equipment with its own lifeboat (Irma).

An important aspect of its design was the installation of the equipment needed for industrial diving work (diesel aggregator, underwater cutting tools and industrial diving equipment, a winch on the deck and four electric manoeuvring winches installed in the corners of the diving vessel, and a heavy-duty Ferrari loading crane on the superstructure). Thanks to its unique design, it can provide the power and compressed air needed for industrial diving operations. Electrically powered manoeuvring winches and a special communication system ensure safe dives.
Its overall length is 13 m, maximum width 6,18 m, maximum draught 0,98 m, and its water displacement is 43,11 m3.

Downloadable technical data sheet (pdf) →

Overall length: 13,00 m
Length between perpendiculars: 12,00 m
Maximum width: 6,18 m
Width at one point: 3,00 m
Side height: 2,00 m
Maximum draught: 0,98 m
Frame spacing: 500 m
Power: 172,0 kW
Displacement: 43,11 m3
Fixed point: 5,57 m
Crane capacity at 7,95 m: 450 kg


Crew requirement

The crew of the floating diving machine consists of three people: one skipper (dive leader) and two industrial divers with sailor qualifications. For our special diving work we have three full-time industrial divers. The diving platform is supervised 24 hours a day.

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