TS Type High Carrying Capacity Barge

The Giant with a Thousand Faces

Our large river barges are mainly used for the transport of steel bridge elements and for the construction of barge bridges, but they also play a major role in the fireworks on the 20th of August. They are regular participants in bridge construction, demolition and dredging works. We have twelve of them available in three sizes.


Our fleet includes six TS type barges of 80 metres, two of 52 metres and four of 40 metres.
They have proven their worth in Komárom, Dunaújváros, as well as in the construction of bridges in Budapest and the bridge linking Paks with Kalocsa. But they also had a major role to play in the „Átmentem” („Crossed Over”) show, or even at the opening ceremony of the 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships. They were also involved in the Complex Lake Tisza project, the Gönyű harbour development and the construction works in Csongrád, and almost everywhere we have ever worked.

Interestingly, the 52-metre barges were manufactured according to our own ideas, converting 40-metre units, so now we have medium-sized barges, too.
When used as barge bridges, the shore connection does not need to be built in advance, so at any point in a river where pontoon bridges can be built, the barges can be used for bridge crossings by connecting them together.

Technical data

Overall length of the barges: 80, 52 és 40 metres
Moulded breadth: 10 metres
Carrying capacity: 1500 tonnes, 1000 tonnes és 750 tonnes
Maximum load capacity of a barge bridge: közúti „A” teher (80 tonnes)
Distributed load: 3 tonnes/m2




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