Monostor Bridge

Komárom-Komárno (2017-2020)

The Monostor Bridge is a road bridge over the Danube connecting North and South Komárom, with a pedestrian walkway on one side and a cycle path on the other. The foundation stone of the bridge, which is an undivided joint property of the Slovak and Hungarian states, was laid on 17 October 2017.

The bridge is a single-pylon, cable-stayed structure. Its special feature is the asymmetrically positioned inclined pylon on one side of the pier and the steel struts created by means of floating crane assisted construction and assembly, which were built using the parameters of the Adam Clark floating crane, several times in very fast Danube currents, without any accidents.
The pylon consists of 48 elements, with a total height of 118 m, of which 94.5 m above the road. The work of our heavy-duty floating crane was also essential to lift its lower part.

The steel elements (80-140 tonnes per element) were first lifted into place by the Adam Clark floating crane and then by a tower crane. The bridge deck was assembled from 35 elements, which were also lifted into place one by one using the Adam Clark floating crane.

The Monostor Bridge was opened to traffic on 17 September 2020, following a successful static test load. For our work in building the bridge, our company won the 2021 Construction Award of Excellence, which is also announced on a plaque on the bridge.

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