Salvage of Hableány River Cruiser, 2019.

It was the saddest and most harrowing task in our company’s history to salvage Hableány (Mermaid). The recovery of the ship was symbolic and attracted a lot of press attention. It took a huge amount of organisation to complete the task quickly and safely, as here too, everything depended on the details. On the day of the accident, the Adam Clark crane vessel was anchored at the Komárom Bridge construction site, and we had to sail from there to the Margaret Bridge. The biggest challenge for us in the salvage of Hableány was the weather, as the Danube continued to flood after the accident, making our work harder. It was the change in water level that caused some technical difficulties, not the fact that we had to bring an object weighing 80-90 tonnes from the bottom of the river to the surface, as we lift such heavy weights every day. The technical task required great concentration and a different mental approach. 28 people died and everyone was waiting for a solution, but unfortunately there is no solution for this.

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