Construction of passenger ports

We have been involved in the installation of floating docks for inland passenger transport since 2019. Prior to their construction, we use our equipment to carry out dredging and piling operations. For the construction of floating passenger docks, we transport and install the pontoon structure and the mooring equipment (ropes, support beams). We also install the gangway bridge and the support structures in the nests provided for them, and tie the ropes to the bollards.

Press monitoring

Source: A-hí - 2023.03.03.

The missing monument elements of the Chain Bridge are being lifted into place from a barge

Illustrated report on the restoration work carried out at Lánchíd.

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Source: Magyar Építő - 2022.12.28. 14:49

The giant floating crane plays a key role in the new milestone of the Paks Danube Bridge – video

The work process of raising the formwork trolley was captured on video at the Danube Bridge in Paks.

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Source: Növekedé - 2022. 03. 16.

What kind of monster anchors on the Danube at the Rákóczi bridge? We watched it!

Interview with our managing director, Zoltán Kállai.

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