Mobile dike construction

In flood protection, a mobile dike can be built very quickly and then removed after the flood has subsided, which is particularly advantageous from an urban and landscape protection point of view. It will be built using a waterproof reinforced concrete structure with a diaphragm wall and a reinforced concrete jacket wall. Using the technology we know we will build a seepage system on both sides of the dike with a water catchment network and a spillway.

Press monitoring

Source: A-hí - 2023.03.03.

The missing monument elements of the Chain Bridge are being lifted into place from a barge

Illustrated report on the restoration work carried out at Lánchíd.

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Source: Magyar Építő - 2022.12.28. 14:49

The giant floating crane plays a key role in the new milestone of the Paks Danube Bridge – video

The work process of raising the formwork trolley was captured on video at the Danube Bridge in Paks.

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Source: Növekedé - 2022. 03. 16.

What kind of monster anchors on the Danube at the Rákóczi bridge? We watched it!

Interview with our managing director, Zoltán Kállai.

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