FINA World Aquatics Championships 2017

We were involved in the construction of two of the event’s most spectacular venues, the giant jumping tower and the water stage, and provided the on-water services for the event.

The giant jumping tower was built in front of Batthyány Square on the right bank of the Danube, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The construction works were preceded by dredging the riverbed, and then Soil-mec piles of 2 m diameter, equipped with steel pipe jackets were built parallel to the bank, with a spacing of 4 m between the axes, with a tolerance of +/- 10 cm in the axes. Two more piles of the same size have been built, one on the upstream side and one on the downstream side, with a centre-to-centre axle distance of 50.60 metres.
The deep foundation reinforcement of the gravity retaining wall on the bank was provided by 49 Jet-piles of 0.80m diameter.

For the spectacular opening ceremony of the 17th FINA World and for the water stage, we provided the necessary equipment and installed access bridges to the stage. The water stage was built on four TS 80 barges while the fireworks and water curtain took place on two TS 40 and TS 80 barges.

The environment and the built environment: the cultural significance of the Danube, as well as the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle and the Castle Garden Bazaar as a living backdrop, all played a very important role in this multi-art performance. And our anchored barges provided a solid foundation for this extraordinary event.

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