River Wall Reconstruction, Csongrád

The town of Csongrád is situated on the right bank of the Tisza, on the outer curve of the river’s bend. Water depths of more than 10 metres can be measured here due to the work of the water, and even double that in case of floods. We had to build in 40,000 tonnes of armourstone on the outer curve of the town side stretch of the river to protect the bed from leaching. The huge quantity of stone was transported by rail from Kisnána to the railway station in Szentes, from where it was transported by road to the depot between the Csongrád road and railway bridges. Here, our biggest task began: loading the stone onto TS 80 barges via a 20-metre access bridge using a heavy-duty front-end loader. Loaded with 1000-1100 tonnes of load, our barges arrived in several rounds at the river’s Csongrád section with the help of our pusher Botond, so that the floating dredgers could carry out the stone laying.

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