20 August Fireworks

20 August is one of the oldest Hungarian holidays: the day of King St Stephen, the day commemorating the founding of the Hungarian state and the more than a thousand years of its existence, and the celebration of the new bread. Since 1991, it has been an official state holiday, commemorating the founding of the state with celebrations, blessing of bread and fireworks throughout the country. In the framework of the celebrations, our company has been providing the floats for the largest fireworks display in Budapest for several years.

During preparations, days before the event, we will prepare the barges in Újpest Bay for loading the fireworks equipment. The floating units loaded with pyrotechnic devices are floated to the event site, where they are set up in carefully planned positions. For the duration of the celebrations, there will be a shipping ban on this stretch of the Danube, so that our floating equipment – usually six to seven TS 80 barges, our pushers, our mooring barges and our assault boats – can carry out their work without interruption.

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